2018/2019 -EVENTS
AGM & Annual Get-together - 2019 ...

The annual general meeting and Get-together of the Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya, Canberra Chapter (AAUPCC), is scheduled to be held on Saturday 26th October, 2019 at 6.30pm

Hanthana Gee Miyasiya – 2019 Amarasiri Peiris, Nirosha Virajini & Kasun Kalhara Live in Concert in Canberra, 5th October 2019 at Manning Clarke Hall at the ANU Kambri Precinct...

The AAUPCC organised Hanthana Gee Miyasiya -2019 Amarasiri Peiris, Nirosha Virajini & Kasun Kalhara live in concert in Canberra with 6 piece orchestra. This will be a sensational and memorable experience with three decades of Sri Lankan popular songs presented by veteran artists. Compiled into a three hour electrifying live performance.
Music will be directed by veteran musician, composer and maestro keyboardist Suresh Maliyadde ably supported by Violin: Rukshan Gunawardhana,
Classical guitar: Mahendra Pasquel,
Cello: Rochana Dissanayake,
Drums: Indika Athukorala,
Bass guitar: Prashan Fernando
This will also be helped to raise valuable funds for the AAUPCC scholarship program.

AAUPCC Scholarships 2019 ...

We have achieved one of our key objectives in 2019 by offering financial assistance to 18 undergraduate students who are in dire need of financial support. These students were chosen from 9 faculties of the University with the assistance from the Alumni Association of University of Peradeniya. The selected students receive an assistance of 12,000.00 rupees in instalments.

AAUPCC Calendar
6.00pm onwards
Hanthana Gee Miyasiya – 2019
Amarasiri Peris, Nirosha & Kasun

at Manning Clarke halle at the ANU Kambri precinct
6.30pm onwards
AGM & Annual Get together -