2012/2013 - EVENTS
Annual get-together (Hanthana night)
26-10-2012 - Annual get-together (Hanthana night) and the AGM was held at the Belconnen Soccer Club in Hawker, Canberra. Speciality of this year was the Pedury party with live music led by musicians in Canberra.
New web site ( )of the association was launched at this event.
T-shirts with Peradeniya colours and logo was available for Canberra alumni for the first time at this event.
16-06-2013 – Screening Sinhala Movie "Mathaka Sulanga"
The committee was looking for various options to carry out at least one fund raising activity before the AGM and the Get together. The committee grabbed the opportunity to screen the Tele Cinema "Mathaka Sulanga" produced by Sri Lankan Artists in Sydney. The film was screened at the Coombs Theatre in the ANU on 16 June 2013. Despite the mid-winter blues, a reasonable crowd was attracted to the event and the total income from the film and the food stall was exceeded our expectations.

14-04-2013 - New Year Festival
Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival was held at St. Melrose High, Pearce, Canberra. The event was organised by a joint committee consist of all Sri Lankan Community organisations in Canberra. AAUPCC made its contribution for food and other activities and the members actively participated in the event. The festival this year took a new face compared to the past years. Festival started in the afternoon and the games on the ground were followed by food with milk rice and other New Year sweets. Then the activities proceeded with colourful performance on stage by the children and the musical concert by Naada Roo group in Canberra. Peduru party was the last item and continued until late.

31-03-2013 - BBQ at the Magnet Mart, Gungahlin
AAUPCC was invited once again to run a BBQ at the Magnet mart, Gungahlin on Easter Sunday. Using previous experience, the team was well prepared for the day. The team didn't have much expectation from the event because of the gloomy and cold morning that didn't attract the crowd for shopping. Also it was the middle of the Easter break. However the weather became clear and the sales were gone up to a favourable level in the afternoon.

09-03-2013 - Cowra Festival of International Understanding: Food Stall
AAUPCC successfully concluded its participation at the "Cowra Festival of International Understanding" during the 2nd -10th March 2013. The team went to Cowra on Friday, 8th March for the initial preparation of food stall which was held on Saturday, 9th March. A number of alumni members joined the committee members at the Opening ceremony on Friday evening. Cowra council had organised various items representing Sri Lankan dancing to mark this occasion.
It was the height of team spirit that everyone was busy on Friday night making preparation for cooking next morning using the limited facilities and resources available away from home. Cooking food, transporting, organizing the stall and selling food were the activities for whole Saturday. The stall offered fresh fruit juices, iced coffee, fried rice with chicken curry, chickpeas and watalappan. There was an overwhelming demand for the food and the activity was a great success.
There were many activities organised by the council for the day including a street parade started from 2km away from River Park where the carnival was held. Sri Lankan tree planting ceremony and number of Sri Lankan dance performances were the high lights of the day. Unfortunately, the group missed most of this extravaganza other than glimpses of a few items here and there while having a bit of a rest away from the stall. The effort of the team proven worth at the end as we were able to raise some funds within our expectations while delivering our moral duty for the motherland and paying gratitude to the Cowra community for honouring Sri Lanka in this way.
It was a great community event and AAUPCC is happy being part of the organising team particularly lending a hand in coordination of various activities among number of community organisations, Cowra City Council and the High commission of Sri Lanka.

23-02-2013 - Cowra Festival of International Understanding: Youth Ambassador Program
Sri Lanka was the Guest Nation at the Cowra Festival of International Understanding this year and Cowra Shire Council organised a number of activities in collaboration with Sri Lankan High Commission in Canberra during the first week of March. AAUPCC joined the Canberra Sri Lankan community to extend its support in organising this event. As a pre-engagement of the event, a group of Youth Ambassador's and the representatives of the Cowra Shire council and the Festival organising committee visited Sri Lanka High Commission to meet Sri Lankan community who engage in organising the activities, on 23-02-2013. Youth from the Canberra Sri Lankan community delivered three excellent presentations on Sri Lankan history, Culture and heritage and Tourist attractions which were well received by the participants. Those were very well received by the audience and they learnt more about Sri Lanka in the Questions and Answers session that followed. AAUPCC greatly involved in organising the program.

09-02-2013 - "Juicy hut" at the Multicultural Festival in Canberra
It was another first time experience for AAUPCC in its fund raising efforts. Closing on the holiday season in the end of 2012, committee didn't have much time to prepare for this event but decided to grab the opportunity at least to gather some experience for the future. Most of the committee members returned from holiday only towards the end of January 2013. After considering number of facts such as strict regulations of the council in food preparations, human resource to man the stall as most of the members had already committed their help on other food stalls, avoiding the completion with other Sri Lankan stalls and mainly the lack of experience of the committee in handling such an event, committee decided to run a fresh juice stall. Unexpected demand mainly due to high temperatures of the day made this a successful venture. All who supported the event were really exhausted but extremely happy with the outcome as it broke all the records of fund raising of AAUPCC so far. On top of all, another first time event helped AAUPCC to gain valuable experience for its future fund raising activities.

17-11-2012 - Food stall
at the Melrose high school, Pearce, Canberra for catering the attendees at the Bollywood nite. This was not a successful event as there was only very little crowd at the show.

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