Current Projects
AAUPCC is currently considering a few projects that would meet our objectives.
We encourage the members and non members, well wishers to participate in following programs AAUPCC intending to coordinate.
  1. Direct donation to a student or a group of students AAUPCC could facilitate the coordination between the recipient and the donor.
  2. Donation of Lump sums to the Student welfare fund in the university.
  3. Donation of books, equipment and required accessories.
  4. Donations to the AAUPCC for specific project items.
  5. Fund raising activities.
  6. Social activities.
Projects Completed
Australian National University removed a large amount of hard copies of various medical journals from its library for the second time as a result of the library's move to access online electronic journals. AAUPCC grabbed this opportunity as it had a previous experience of the value of these journals to our medical students in Sri Lanka. In consultation with the Medical Faculty of the University of Peradeniya, AAUPCC made arrangements to ship the cargo and was successfully raised funds to cover the shipping expenses with the help of its members. Cargo left Sydney mid-November and reached the Medical Faculty Library on 3rd January 2013. The Vice Chancellor of the Peradeniya University, the dean of the Medical faulty and the Librarian highly appreciated the effort of the AAUPCC.

AAUPCC Calendar
6.00pm onwards
Hanthana Gee Miyasiya – 2019
Amarasiri Peris, Nirosha & Kasun

at Manning Clarke halle at the ANU Kambri precinct
6.30pm onwards
AGM & Annual Get together -