On 25 June 2022, in a gratefully surcharged atmosphere generated by the presence of an admirable artist in addition to the hall decorations inside the senior citizen centre at Canberra city, Pera-Alumni members and non-Pera members of the Canberra community bid adieu to our prominent singer and extremely skilful photographer, Mr Dayan Witharana at a grand farewell function. The function commenced by the Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya Canberra Chapter (AAUPCC) president, Mr Pushpan Pitigala where he spoke about the main purpose of the musical show ‘Siththam Karamin’. He described the emotional value behind the show that provides financial support for the AAUPCC initiated mental health assistance programme for students who are in need of support in the University of Peradeniya. The programme will begin in July 2022. His words of appreciation extended to all contributors as well.

The farewell function was further addressed by the dignitary chief guest of the evening Mr Dayan Witharana. He shared his experience, observations, and appreciations towards the success of the show. His appreciation also extended to his own sister, Nirmali who permanently resides in Canberra and a witness of his farewell function together with her husband, Channa. Dayan sang many beautiful songs with his highly distinguishing voice, some of them were selected from his expertly inspiring song list by the audiences. Token of love and appreciation was given to Dayan as he did not refuse any of the audiences’ requests. In between the music, Dayan passionately shared the intimate stories that rooted his songs creating a touching and memorable moments during that night.

The function brightens up with the live music and singing by some other local artists. Towards the end of the farewell function, a dinner organised by the committee with the support of volunteers was served. The function was concluded with the group photo session conducted by the veteran photographer and the chief guest, Dayan, and followed by very entertaining dances on the dance floor.

The glorious example set by Dayan as a prominent singer and sensible artist would continue to live on in the hearts of the Canberra community.

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