AAUP Global Forum – Yuga Yuga Gee Vikasitha Event

The next AAUP Global Forum is dedicated to the Canberra Chapter (AAUPCC). The AAUPCC closely associates with the parent organization and is assisting the current students in numerous ways, including its needy studentship program. The concert ‘Yuga Yuga Gee Vikasitha’ will be a wonderful experience.

The Canberra Chapter of the Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya, working with the Canberra-based ensemble ‘Swara’ and local talent with an ear for Sri Lankan music and Events canberra, successfully produced the concert ‘Yuga Yuga Gee Vikasitha’ which was performed to a packed Canberra audience who received it warmly and with good cheer.

Through a blend of era-defining songs by a host of musicians from the Gramophone Era to the contemporary times, ‘Yuga Yuga Gee Vikasitha’ maps the evolution of popular Sinhalese music as it grew through the ages and reflected the times.

Condensed in digital form, the AAUPCC now wishes to share this rare musical experience to kindle your artistic sensibility, taking you on a journey transported through time.

On the run-up to the concert broadcast on 4 December (8 pm AEDT) and 5 December (12 noon AEDT), follow this space for more updates.

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