There is something truly magical about Sri Lankan Sinhala music in every era.  The HPS-2 musical event, called ‘යුග යුග ගී විකසිත’ (Yuga Yuga Gee Wikasitha), as pronounced by its name was about how the ancient Sinhala music was historically evolved from 543 BC to modern time. This had become an outstanding event, which attracted Sinhala music lovers from across the ACT. The historic footprints uncovered have stolen the audiences’ hearts, some commented that the event brought tears to their eye due to the honour and pride they felt in regards to our music history.

The live performance embraced twenty-four songs from early 50s to 20s, with a cinematic story presented by Events Canberra videographers, showcasing on two large screens either side of the stage. 

The flow of our young and talented ‘Swara’ group musician’s melodies, together with eighteen beautiful voices, the Canberra Sri Lankan audience once again enchanted by the sound and sights.  This time the ‘ස්වර ‘(Swara) Orchestra was comprised with fourteen musicians.

On 7 August 2021, The HPS-2 event was proudly held by AAUPCC committee, at the T B Millar Hall at Radford College in ACT.  The event took place on the last weekend before Canberra had the first ever lockdown.  The HPS-2 practices were held under many hardships while strictly complying with the COVID-19 guidelines. It could be nature’s gift and gratitude of letting the us to see this beautiful event come to life before imminent public restrictions due to the lockdown in Canberra.

Food is always an important factor when planning events in our culture. This time dinner had been selected through food tasting and after careful deliberation of what was to be served.  Once again thanks to our lovely volunteers, that the audience received free refreshment consisted of a welcome drink and a snack pack at the entrance.